Contact means to touch physically or to communicate with.

In social interaction

  • Social contact, a person known to an individual, possibly on a different basis than friendship
  • vCard or hCard, in address books, a contact is the name, address, phone number, and other pertinent information
  • First contact (anthropology), between different cultures
  • Amateur radio contact, an exchange of information between two amateur radio operators
  • To actually touch in some way, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual

In science and technology

  • Contact mechanics, a mathematical approach for calculating the contact areas, stresses, deformations and force-desplacement relations when two objects are pressed against each other
  • Contact process, a method for producing sulfuric acid on an industrial scale
  • Active component of an electric switch or electrical connector
  • Contact (mathematics), the idea of curves (for example) touching
  • Optical contacting, a process in which two highly polished surfaces are permanently or temporarily joined without use of any adhesive
  • Radar contact, the display of a single radar return from an object as a result of one radar sweep.